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17:53 - 19/08/2011

Last night

Good bye-party for my best friend and brother; John. He’s heading back home to New York tomorrow :’(

How eeveer, John’s friend from NY, Max, is moving to Stockholm for 6 months so as we had a good bye-party for John, we had a welcome-party for Max at the same time.

Parkas from Odd Molly, dress from h&m

My favourite guys!

19:24 - 17/08/2011


I’m working from 7 am until 7 pm every day.. I even got another job offer, one from Abercrombie & Fitch who’s opening a new store here in Stockholm.

Silver sweater from h&m, shirtdress from Acne

16:11 - 16/08/2011


I’m so sorry for bad blogging but I’m really busy right now with work and such stuff..

I’ve been hanging around in comfy clothes just like these:

14:26 - 13/08/2011


Wednesday’s outfit: Blazer from Zara, net top plus trousers from H&M and Scorett loafers.

picture from Emmi

14:25 - 12/08/2011


Lunch at Skeppsholmen hotell w my awesome family.

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